Reigate - Renovation Done Right

Working with a repeat client is a refreshing experience as there is already an understanding of their aesthetic and overall expectations. The design process itself is much faster and is an exciting opportunity to take what has been learned from the previous design and offers something even bigger and better in order to provide next level product.

Reigate was the second luxury villa that we worked on with this client. Similar to the first project, it was designed for high end rental, as the first property was an amazing success. Their target market was the same and the goal therefore was to truly make this villa even more special and tick any extra boxes that could have made the rental experience even more incredible that the previous house.

The aim of the design brief was to keep the overall feel within the brand - modern, bright and airy and all about luxury. Keeping some elements from the previous villa but having unique items and spaces which catered specifically to large groups who would be entertaining and experiencing the house. Therefore creating fluid spaces that flowed from one to the next with lots of seating and spaces to enjoy.

The renovation began just before the height of the pandemic - so the real challenge was being able to source items and have them delivered on time, as there were so many delays with product availability and shipping. Needless to say there were many uncertainties and additional delays with lockdowns and more which were unexpected as it was a new experience for all of us to navigate. That being said, the end result was absolutely stunning was still able to be completed before the busy holiday season and was booming with reservation requests and bookings. Yet another Design Studio success story!

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