Creating Nirvana - A Luxury Villa

A sense of Nirvana is just what the clients were after for this luxury west coast villa. Designed for rental – the clients wanted to ensure that this villa had no competition in the rental market and for that reason were determined to ensure no detail was left out.

As part of a group of several villas the client owned; they were no strangers to the upscale rental market in Barbados. They knew just what they were after and came in with specific requests for the villa. The ultimate vacation spot was the goal in this design – every luxury was to be at the guests' fingertips. The aim was to create the clean modern feel of a high-end hotel, blended with the comforts of a full service home villa.

A client that knows just what they are after is a dream for any designer. Decisions are made quickly and design is always kept to plan. For any investment property – there is less emotion as it isn’t personal. It is all about what will get the biggest return, the best review and the most rentals!  

Outdoor Oasis

For guests who choose to vacation in the Caribbean it is all about outdoor living. Lying by the pool, a cocktail at sunset and watching the waves roll across the shore. The clients wanted to ensure the 5 bedroom house had space for 12 guests comfortably in each zone whether dining or lounging. They requested several areas for doing this to ensure guests could be entertained together or lounge separately without being on top of each other. Furnishings were kept modern and neutral with pops of colours brought in through the accessories for a contemporary feel.

Sleep Sanctuary

The clients had a high end hotel in mind - as this would be their competition. Bedrooms were to be luxurious with crisp white linens and superior comfort mattresses. Colours were to be calming and soothing for the ultimate relaxation. Blackout drapery to allow for the best deep sleep and a successful refreshing vacation.

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