Smuggler's Cove - A Dream Space Comes to Life

A young couple who were regular visitors to Barbados were ready to invest in their very own home in the island, when the perfect property for them popped up in the market. They didn't hesitate to scoop it up but knew there would be work to be done to make the property work for them and their family.

As an older property the finishes were dated and did not suit their more contemporary aesthetic. They got started right away with a fresh coat of paint and then they removed all the heavy and dark fabrics and were excited to start on a new adventure with a blank canvas.

Some clients hand over and empty house and just want to be wowed by the end result, while others are more hands on; especially when they know what they want. From day one when we met with these clients we were excited to see that they were ready to lead the project with a checklist in hand. We were happy to help them complete everything on their list.

A living room with modern neutral sofa and fun accent chairs - you got it!

A bedroom with a statement accent wall and minimalist aesthetic - no problem!

Outdoor furniture perfect for lounging with light finishes - your wish is granted.

Some projects we do it all, while others we simply help along the way. No matter what our clients need, we want to be sure their dream space is the end result.

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Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


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Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


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